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Allie's  Story


November 2008
Allie was found as a stray at the shelter. Not only has this poor little girl been terribly neglected physically but she has been emotionally damaged. She is a frightened and often withdrawn young golden girl. Lets' talk about her physical condition. Allie's skin and lack of coat is indicative of chronic skin allergies due to poor nutrition and probably poor housing. We think she may have been an outside dog. Note the loss of coat from the lower jaw , neck, belly down to the rear end. The black skin around her eyes is another sign of lack of care, poor nutrition and severe neglect.

Allie is a very small, 1-2 year old golden who is extremely thin and weak. She also has had pups not too long ago. She has a raspy bark...possibly abusive damage to her trachea or she has been de-barked. We really feel that Allie was a "puppy mill" breeder dog...used every time she could to produce puppies to provide her owner with money...too bad that the money earned wasn't put towards her care. Now onto the mental/emotional damage. She is a very nervous dog, frightened of loud noises and very fearful of the leash.

However, in just 24 hours, Allie has made herself at home on the foster parent's sofa and will come when they call her. She wags that little whip of a tail and has a wiggle butt for sure. She is still uncomfortable with all the TLC our special foster parents are giving her but we are sure that she will come around in time. She has the capability of being a very special, sweet, golden girl for the right home. Of course she is nowhere near ready to go to her forever home. A visit to the allergist may be in her future. Right now we are providing a warm, comfortable home environment with lots of love and dedication to her needs, along with good vet care for any medical needs. We will keep you posted regarding her progress and hopefully soon new photos that will show how well she is doing.


Under the gentle, patient care of her foster parents, Allie has blossomed into a beautiful, young golden girl. The difference in just a few weeks is truly amazing. Allie has not only improved physically but emotionally .... she is now enjoying life. Allie has pneumonia but she has improved and should be completely cured of this shortly. In the future, however, she will need to go through heartworm treatment, but we will wait until she is stronger. Allie still has a ways to go but every day is a "progress" day. Allie has some fears, especially loud noises and cars, which we attribute to her "time on the run" as a stray. She is a sweet girl with a humorous twist to her personality. She howls at her foster Dad just to say hello! Allie will be with us as a foster dog for quite a while. Allie's vet bills will continue to come in... Please consider donating to the rescue to help with these bills.

UPDATE ON ALLIE 01/06/09: Allie has improved considerably in just the last 2-3 weeks. She has shaken the pneumonia, gained weight (she is now 58.6 lbs), growing hair on her throat, belly, and butt, lost the "bad mascara day" look around her eyes, and actually gained some confidence. Her foster parents tell me she is better walking around traffic now - not 100% - but much less fearful and skittish. She actually gave a warning bark when someone approached their house one day - so she has really come along there. She loves to "talk" with Ron - the two of them "sing" and "yodel" and "howl". She checks both sides of the bed before settling down for the night to be sure all her "people" are there. She has learned many of the routines - especially the "meal time" one - she is fed 3 times a day to get some weight on her along with supplements to improve her immune system. Today she started her heartworm treatment - shot # 1 was given along with antibiotics which will be administered 2 pills in morning and 2 pills at night - along with her meals. She still eats well and we are hoping that continues through this process. The foster parents will also be giving her buffered aspirin in the morning with food to make her more comfortable - especially after this shot, which is a muscle shot and pretty painful for her. In a month she will go back for the second stage of treatment. Please keep her in your prayers as she still has a ways to go.



Allie has sailed through her heartworm treatment ! Allie is also adjusting very well to her life filled with love, lots of good care and loving devotion from her foster parents Ron and Elaine. As you can see by the photo, Allie's coat is becoming thicker with a beautiful sheen. She enjoys going for longer walks and even had an outing where she was a dinner "guest" at a friend of her foster parent's home. She just lay down at Ron's feet. Allie is still rather shy and fearful of new people but making baby steps towards being more outgoing. Once she learns to trust you, she is a very devoted loving girl...a very very loyal companion. Look for more updates on Allie. We feel Allie will be ready to go to her forever home by early March!


We, as foster parents to Allie since Nov.29, 2008, would like to impart our views on the strides that Allie has made since her rescue by Golden Rescue of Naples. Allie is now the beautiful girl that was seen in the foresighted person who said yes to her being rescued. Her eyes are bright and expressive. She now has a gorgeous coat of fur all over her body and her so called 'feathers' on her buttocks and her tail now have a flow to them during her gentle walks with us. She is picture beautiful. We feel that the encouragement of using Solid Gold dog food and the addition of the supplement of 'Missing Link' has been a major contributor to her recovery of malnutrition and poor health. She has gained approximately 12 pounds since she has been with us.

It took Allie almost three weeks to be cleared of the large area of pneumonia on her first visit to Dr. Dave in Sarasota on Dec. 1st. Once this was cleared, Allie was prepared to receive the first treatment to eradicate the heart-worm disease that she was diagnosed with. Four weeks later, a two day overnite stay for treatment in the second phase of heart-worm treatment was completed. Allie returns for the final treatment this coming Friday. Then she will need to be spayed.

Allie is an easy and pleasant dog to walk. She does not tug at the leash but does stop frequently to get a snout full of smells in the grasses and winds. She gets real excited when we say "Allie, do you want to go in the truck?. She knows that the leash is the next thing to be put on her followed by the opening of the house door and she is more than ready to begin her daily journey of her walk. We average at least one mile per day. She has learned and responds to sit and stay, and recognizes the word 'treats'. She will "talk" with us when resting in her 'spot' and each evening before retiring, she circles the bed to be sure that we are still with her. She settles nicely and without difficulty at the foot of the bed on the floor. She wakes us around 6 am to go out to void. We are working diligently on extending her stay alone while we do errands, etc. She is up to about 45-50 minutes now. And another first for her is that she will run after a soft textured ball but hasn't a clue on returning it; there lies another area we are working on with her.

We just love her and she is so reactive to us that it is a pleasure. She loves nothing better than to be patted and scratched which is a total change from the first day we got her....she feared and cowered whenever we approached her. She is now letting our friends and neighbors approach her without impending fear. She has come such a long way in just these 4 months that it is amazing. We are grateful to have the pleasure of nurturing this once neglected Golden into a spirit that exemplifies the life and breed of the Golden Retriever.
If you would like to be Allie's forever family,
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    Elaine and Ron




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