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Dog Food

Goldens are famous for having food allergies. Most commercial dog foods have, corn, wheat and preservatives. An allergic Golden is not a happy Golden. Often they have skin problems and ear problems. Most of the time these issues can be traced directly to the food they eat.
We are proud to offer an amazing food for Goldens (and all pets). It is called Life's Abundance. We feed it to our own dogs and to all our foster dogs.. It is no more expensive than a premium commercial food. But there is NO comparison!
Please click on the link to read all about Life's Abundance and why it is superior to any other food offered. You can order it on our web site. It can be drop shipped any where in the USA.

 Dr Jane is the formulator of the Life's Abundance products.  We believe that this food is the best, ESPECIALLY for Goldens with all their food allergies. We cannot thank the Dr. Jane foundation enough for their work on behalf of animal rescues across America and their generosity to us.

Click here for order food or for information about Life's Abundance Dog Food

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Here are 4 of Bob and Lisa's Goldens anticipating their dinner!