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Happy Tails, page 2

Photos and notes from our Golden Retrievers in their new forever homes...
If you would like your new Golden to appear on this page,
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Will (formerly Bailey)

Will is happy in his new home!




Sadie in her new home!

Piper aka Betty

Just wanted to send a few photos of Piper (Betty) and let you know she is doing wonderful!  We all love her dearly, it seems she has been with us for years!  Piper and her yellow Lab sister, Bailey are very close and get along very well.  We are working on Piper's barking...I think she just needs to adapt more to her new surroundings.


Finley the Cowdog.  Hope you all had great Halloween!


First time at the beach-( loved that he could dig without being reprimanded!)
And Benny in his favorite spot on the patio


Bella in a rare quiet moment!


Levi is the one on the left and the other one is Max. Levi is 1 and Max is 7,
but Max tolerates Levi's "puppiness" very well!


Willow with her new family

Sweet Pea

I just wanted to send you some new pics of Sweet Pea and Makani (in case you didn't see them on the Facebook wall). We are Sweet Pea-sitting while her dad is in NY on business. She is doing AWESOME. Her fur has started to grow back and she looks (and acts) like a big teddy bear! She is soooo happy. Rob is so good to her and we are so lucky that he "shares" her with us.

All ready for Halloween. Chico who is somewhere around 17 years old
and his "sister" Cricket are a ready to go "Trick or Treating!


Bella in her new home after swimming with her new fur sister Sissy!


Cody with his new "brother" Liam and the rubber chicken he picked out himself at the pet store.


Emilie and Brooke, best friends!

Zoey, now Zippa 

Zippa is the name- Marvin's choice not mine!  All is great. Dogs are getting along well. We even have her eating! Here is a pic of her relaxing after our family hike.

Cody, formerly Howling Wolf

We adopted Cody in July of 2010.  Carol interviewed us (thanks Carol).   Cody’s a great dog and we all love him.  Recently he has become quite obsessed with chasing lizards so we started calling him the “Lizard Hunter.”  When we are outside that’s all he’s interested in – he doesn’t even care about the ducks.   Attached are a few pictures of him in action.  He runs from the bushes to the patio in a mad dash to see if he can catch one.  He knocked over the little potted plant several times trying to get one that was in and out of the pots.  He could do this for hours on end.  It can be quite amusing to watch.   

Charlie "Brown" and Gracie Brown


Levi at his Frosty Paws/Pool Birthday Party with his niece (our daughter's Golden) and his brother, Max.

Harley , now Charley


Knitting and hangin with a chew toy. looks like she will be just fine!

Captain, formerly Mannix

 Captain and his brother Tank on their couch
 Captain, worn out after wrestling with Tank (this is how he always sleeps!)
Thanks, Candace

Tori now Bacardi, with fur brothers

 Bacardi is awesome – seems like she has lived with us all her puppy life.   She is doing good on potty training –whewwww, I forgot how many times a day a little one can go, and she almost mastered come and sit!!  Overall Bacardi is all gold - she is sweet, a cuddle bug and a good fur sister. 

I been trying to get the perfect photo with all of them together, but someone is always looking the other way…..attached is a photo of Bacardi and a recent photo of Duval (formally Captain) and Tiki.  More photos to come!!
All tails wagging!

Karin, Bill, Captain Duval, Tiki and Bacardi


I hope everyone is doing well!  
The picture of Lulu attached shows how she loves her tennis balls!!

Captain Duval
My heart is light!  Thank you!  Not sure if you have seen these two pictures of Captain Duval (we had to give him a Keys name since our cat’s name is Captain).  I love the one with the smile, and as you can see from the 2nd one, he does match our floors perfectly!
Can’t wait for his stitches to come out so he can swim!  I took him down by the water yesterday and he just smiled at me.
All tails wagging!
Karin, Bill, Tiki and Captain Duval.


On a recent boat vacation to Block Island  Maggie appears to be enjoying the boating life.

Stevie, now precious

Recent pictures of Precious (the smartest dog ever)   He is doing great - but my mother is a little over indulgent and he is getting a little chunky - which distracts form his good looks.   He has put on a whopping 7 poiunds since Feb!
My mom promises to cut back - I really hope she does.   
Went to the eye vet and he is doing great.   Still on the drop 3x's a week - and we go back in a year.   We saw her in the Deerfield office - she is great.  She told me she was going to give my number to people that want to put thier dog down when they find out they are blind.  ughh.   Next check up 1 year. 
Precious takes a toy on all his walks - he drops it to pee .   Neighbors bring his toy back if my mom forgets to get it.   When they encounter people on the walks, he sits at attention and if they do NOT pet him he barks with the toy in his mouth.  awwww
 He is soooo smart he still knows my backyard and knows when comes too close to the pool edge.
 What a great, great,  wonderful dog.   
He still sleeps on bed every night - however I had to bite my tongue when I hoisted his large "rump"
onto the bed :-)     He and my Mom cuddle for atleast 20 minutes every morning - especially when he is here -because I feed everybody and let my Mom  sleep in - and then put his happy (fat) butt back in bed with her.

Max and Chloe

Max and Chloe are staying together, happy with their new mom and dad.

Gidget, now Nalu

Gidget, now Nalu (it's Hawaiian) with her new dad


Tiffany, now Cookie 

Life is good in the Bogus House!


Murphy (center) with his new brother Buddy and watching TV

Murphy would always react when he heard a dog on TV, so we put on Air Buddies ( a movie with Golden's ) he loved it ! He almost watch the entire movie and almost went through the TV a few
 times ! He is doing wonderful...loves playing with Buddy, chasing squirrels  and most of all playing catch about 20 times a day. With all his exercise he will never gain weight . Best thing is ... he is such a big LOVE .


Just a quick update on Brandy, she made herself right at home, it's as though
she's always been with us.  She loves the flat boat, the sandbar and she's a
great traveller.  We recently spent a few days at Sanibel and she swam and
walked the beach for hours.  She's quite the food hound and she loves to go out
to restaurants with us but is very well behaved.  She and Buddy are now best
Thank you once again for your vote of confidence.
Maureen & Gerry

Sunny, formerly Autumn

The past 6 weeks with Sunny (aka Autumn) have been awesome.  From the day she arrived home, she had visitors who couldn't wait to meet her....and they even brought her presents.  What a lucky girl! 
 She is such a love and brightens my day EVERYDAY.  I'm so thankful to Golden Rescue South Florida for bringing us together!
--Jennifer Keil

Max and Cooper
These brothers were not adopted together but had a reunion recently....

Mishka, formerly Blondie

Blondie is now Mishka, or Princess Mishka like my niece and nephew call her (because she is pretty like a princess, they say). She is such an intelligent girl, has learned so much since she came home. I believe  she is 99% housebroken, walks really good on a leash (although I know she will get even better), has learned to sit and to give the paw. The kids adore playing and running around with her, which is good because everybody burns the extra energy- haha!
Needless to say, I love her! She is an amazing girl and has come to fill this house with love.
I am sending you a couple of pics of her. You will probably be receiving lots more LOL.
Again, I can't thank you and GRSF enough for giving me the opportunity to have Mishka with me!
Best regards,

Maggie- one of the puppies

Thank you for helping us adopt our new golden puppy.  We have named her Maggie Mae but at this point in time we're calling her Maggie Mayhem!  She brightens our lives and we just adore her.  She's enjoying daily runs on the golf course (now just a park) behind our house and had her first swim today.
Maggie is almost housebroken and the few mistakes she had made were more our fault not having her door open or being mindful of her schedule.
Here are a couple of photos of her....yes, she is already sharing our bed!
 Barbara Neuman

Truffle, now Coco Chanel with her new brother her new forever home.

Attached is a picture of Lulu with Adam and I on a boat at Peanut Island a couple weeks ago...this girl loves the water!!!  Adam even spoiled her with her own kayak to float around on with a matching life jacket!!


Cookie and her new family and fur friend

looking cool...... swimming in the pool with Fiona and Dad......napping at work
Sammy aka Riley

Just a short note to tell you thanks, from me and my whole family. Sammy is everything
you said he was and 10 times more. Sam loves the pool as the pictures attest .
 This weekend he spent 5 to 6 hrs. swimming, catching his ball, sun bathing, and
hugging and kissing all of us. It’s almost like this was meant to be. We are so
grateful to have this dog in our family. Even little Fiona is adjusting to her new brother.
Prior to this weekend you couldn’t get her in the pool, but watching Sam swimming and
playing she also joined the party, which of coarse Sam enjoyed immensely.
The Walvick Family

Rizzo and his new buddy Rudy


Here's a photo of Herb's great-great niece, Chani Ettel, petting Golda.  Golda just ate up the attention.  But the cutiest thing was watching Chani steal Golda's toys and Golda stealing Chani's toys!!

Stevie- a MayDay dog

Happy Birthday to the May Day Goldens.  Stevie/Precious is so so loved.  His new cute thing is he carries his toy on his entire walk, he drops it to pee.
My Mom is so in love with this dog...


Brandy with her new family

Well, it was a wonderful day.  I'm usually the first one up and the doggies get
a morning treat ( spoiled rotten ).  Brandy followed Bud out to the kitchen, I
put the coffee on and when I turned around to get their treats, I realized that
she had Gerry's underwear in her mouth!  He left them next to the bed in case he
had to get up during the night.  Funny stuff.

We had a very pleasant morning getting to know each other.  By the way, she
barked at the garbage men at 6:30 this morning.  She also barked at the neighbor
when he walked out to get his mail.  When he came to greet her she hid behind me
but came back a minute later and gave him one of my shoes.  I left for a few
hours to go to a meeting and Gerry stayed home with the doggies.  When I came
home she ran out to greet me with her toy.  We have already fallen in love with
her and she continues to follow one or the other of us all the time.  Right now
she is laying by my feet and the boys are out on the back deck.  
Thank you once again and please know that you ABSOLUTELY made the right choice!



Bella, now Destiny, with her new forever family

Sonny and Ginger

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