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Happy Tails, page 3

Photos and notes from our Golden Retrievers in their new forever homes...
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You guys at GRSF do an amazing job with these dogs and I completely  understand that it all comes from caring. Thanks again for helping me find Sophia, she really turned out to be the most wonderful dog. I have attached a few pictures from her "good canine test" last week just to show you just how much she's grown.

Duke, aka Chevy

Duke has a happy home and brings us joy.... thank you for the introduction
Jim and Eileen

Sissie, and Hunter

I am writing to tell you how wonderful Sissie is and update you on her story. Sissie came to us March of 2011. When we got her and took her to the Vet for her first appointment she was under weight by about 15 pounds. She was afraid of everything and everyone.
Well, I am happy to say that when she went back to the Vet in February 2012 she had put on 17 pounds and he is very happy with her weight gain.
She is still a bit nervous around strangers and does not like loud noises at all. However, she loves to run in the yard and play with her brother Hunter whom we rescued 9 years ago. She has learned to bark and loves to play ball. She would stay in the yard all day and play if we would let her!! 
She has become quite the guard dog and will let us know if someone is walking by outside or if they are at the door. She and Hunter love to run back and forth along our fence line and chase the neighbors dog, Keira.
When friends and family come by she will hide a bit at first but when she sees Hunter getting love and attention she figures out they must be ok and runs over for more than her fair share.
Maggie & Carl Tierney

Our June 2012 puppies go to their new homes!

Audi goes with the Thomas family, Chevy with Myra Gomez and son, Daisy with Valiente family

Mercedes with the Egans, Salty with the Fassett family and Ford with the Berman family

Kobe, living the good life with his new Mom Diana....who has joined the Rescue as a volunteer.


Precious/ Stevie our blind May Day dog came to Boca for a visit. He looks wonderful!!


Jackson is an absolutely amazing dog who brings so much joy to my life.  He still follows me around the house & drapes himself over me whenever I'm sitting still long enough.  He's completely devoted to our little family, which includes his adopted sister, Lilly, and myself.  We recently moved to Salt Lake City, where we hike often.  He loves to find creeks to dip in, and I've recently bought him a doggy backpack to wear on the longer hikes.  His favorite snack is popcorn, & he sleeps in bed curled into my side every night.  He's protective, intercepting other dogs to check them out as they approach me & then sitting close by to supervise.  He's a loyal companion & he's absolutely adored.  Thank you (& Golden Retriever Rescue) for giving me the opportunity to have this special animal in my life.  

Fun Story:  I recently took Jax & Lil on a trail ride.  At one point,  they wandered off to dip in the lake for a bit.  When we were ready to move on, I called to them & Jax immediately returned to me, as usual.  Lilly, on the other hand, didn't want to leave off swimming in the lake quite yet.  Jackson seemed distressed by the fact that I was calling to her without result & wouldn't let him go back to join her. He kept barking & looking back in her direction.  I could see her, so I wasn't worried...but she seemed very ill inclined to leave her swim hole.  When I finally told him that he could go get his sister, he immediately took off toward the lake.  He promptly returned, herding her toward my horse.  He's just the goofiest, most special dog on the planet!  :) 

I regret that we have not contacted you sooner!! We adopted Jack from you years ago, and can't thank you all enough for what you do. To say he is just as much a part of our family as the kids is an understatement. We all adore him so much. He is just such a SWEETIE. A total loverboy. Here are some pics of him for your website.

He is part of the family.    Doing great!
Marty and Laurie 

Duke has turned out to be a great dog.  We really lucked out and so did he!  I will forward a few pictures from my phone.  Thanks again for facilitating this adoption!  We love him!
Judy and Mark

Here's hoping you have a safe Memorial Day...she's doing great, still jumpy which makes me want to beat the person who had her before me, but we still foster kittens and she feels it's her duty to "facewash" after the kittens eat.  So very gentle with them!

Easter puppies going home to their forever families!


Cleo going home with her new family

More about Precious our special May Day blind dog.
I visited my mother last weekend in New Symrna Beach, first time in 3 years!  We celebrated McDuff's 14th birthday. 
But the center of attention was Precious ( the favorite child - that no parent admits to thier other children).  My mother has taken down all pictures of her only Grandson and replaced with the Precious one :-)    He is the hit of the sleepy beach town.   Even the beach patrol felt bad when they got kicked off the beach one night!  Saturday morning I walked him for a few miles with my mom's neighbor, Kim.  She is very athletic and runs him during the week - he is in great shape.
He knows every twist and turn in the community, people come out to see him and Max (black lab & rottie mix) - Precious also knows which houses he can expect a greeting or treat - he slows down!

Mackay (formerly Bambi)
With new family, helping with sprinkler repair, and doing carpool duty

Remember Lucky? The sweet girl whose owner died with her in the house? Well, a new life is given.....Here are some pictures.  Lucky loves life!!! She loves to be walked, she loves to dive into the canal after her balls, she loves swimming in the pool and she loves her walks on the beach!!! AND we love having her.  I thought you would get a kick out of the pics.  She is eating great and seems to have settled into her new life. 
Thank you for bringing her into ours.

Zulu and Daisy
Here are the photos of our new fur-faces.  Zulu is the gorgeous, jet black, 100 lb. Lab, who cannot get enough loving.  Maizy (formally Daisy, but answers to both) is the 85 lb. beautiful Golden Retriever, who is so sweet and adorable.  Her goofy tongue hanging out, keeps us laughing.  My cousin, Colleen McDannel Bontempo's Golden is named Maizey and I love the name, love the dog, love the cousin.
They have really filled the hole in our hearts and we see Madison and Bella, in their eyes.  So sorry it took so long, to send you their photos; each time we photographed Zulu, he would disappear into the dark background.
Thank you to K.C. and Jim, Lisa and Venessa, who connected them with us and made us smile again.  Keeping them together, was our most important goal and we feel this was our calling, for these two sweet creatures, who were raised together.
 Much love, 
Ray and Dawn


 Just thought I`d drop you an email on Callie.  She is doing fine and Karen as well as Chanel, our other Golden Retriever simply love her to pieces.  She has assimilated into our home and life as if she was with us since she was a puppy!  She is absolutely the cutest Golden I have ever come across and even our Vet is in love with her as well.  She looks like a stuffed toy that came to life!
           She is a picky eater as Judy warned us.  She needs to be coaxed with fish, chicken, turkey, gravy, before she eats her dog food.  When it comes to "treats" she wolf`s them down like she had not eaten in days.  She loves short walks and her very own  new Orvis Dog Nest.  To help Callie with her arthritis and joint pain, our Vet recommended a series of injections of Adequan.  It requires a series of 8 injection, 2 per week over a months time.  She has just had injection # 5 today and it appears to be working.  She gets up with a lot less difficulty now.  Hopefully, by the end of the treatment, she will be even more improved.
           Tell Judy she did a great job fostering Callie and giving her a new lease on life.  
                                                               Yours truly,

Precious update!
Precious is one of the May Day goldens, and is blind
I had Precious for about 5 weeks when my Mom was in Baltimore.  He is remarkable, adjusts to my house immediately, my back patio doors are open all this time - if he has to go he walks out to his spots and comes back.  As soon as he gets near pool  lip he backs right off. 
When I had him he slept on the dog bed and not on the bed- I really think he preferred this because it gave him more freedom.  He still does not get off bed without without a helping hand.
So the funniest thing he does is wake me up by wagging on the vertical blinds.  He stands by my beds and just starts a wagging his tail, blap blap blap.. and of course I have to get up.
My mother is so in love with him - baby boy - yeah she treats him like toddler.   She said to me "we really got lucky with this dog"   and we did.  He is so kind, loving and you want to hug him until you smash him  :-)
The walks are hysterical, if he hears kids he makes a beeline to them and if they pay no attention to him he barks loud with his head back.  The best way to describe  is just like stevie wonder singing - imagine a tabloid cover "Blind dog sings like Stevie Wonder"   Oh and sometime if a dog barks when we pass by he will bark back about 1/2 block later.
That dog will poop on command - 5 steps into a walk and he goes. No sniffing around - he is focused and poops with purpose.


I am settling in so nice in my new home. Thanks so much for everything!  Mommy and Daddy named me Harley McCawley Franklin. My middle name after my foster dad! Love, Harley

Sebastian who was Sam who is now Chase with his new mom.

Loki, formerly Turbo

  Our family has re-named Turbo in honor of the Norse god of mischief- Loki, and he has been hard at work living up to it! What a hand-full he has become. We have a two hour period first thing-The Morning Crazies, then some relative calm of just misbehaving till The Midnight Madness kicks in. I can understand why the owner decided to give him up before her world got very complicated. He's a sweetheart, but closely resembles a Whirling Dervish on speed.  We try to keep him worn out from exercise and play. They say a tired dog is a good dog. It took him no time at all to master the doggie door off the porch, and he blasts out of it to the back yard, running like a maniac. He delights in dragging in palm fronds, sticks, rocks, and anything else he can lug. The squirrels are his nemesis-always taunting, but never to be caught.
   We've "baby proofed" the house. No sense in having temptation around, and liberally supply him with toys, chew bones, and balls. He loves his toys. It takes him only two or three days to destroy one, but he hasn't damaged anything else-yet. Well worth the investment.
   We haven't been able to catch up to Judy or Merlin for a close-by vet recommendation yet, so we're taking him to your old vet-Nova.  Actually it was meeting Judy and Merlin walking their Goldens at the park that we learned about your organization. Funny how things turn out.
   He loves the Life's Abundance food. We're slowly switching him over to it. He'll pick the kibbles of that food out first before eating his old food. We ordered it on line and were surprised to get it two days later, and during the holidays no less.
   He has settled in wonderfully. The first week he was rather calm, but now the honeymoon seems to be over. We remember these zany times from when our departed Golden was this age. It's good to know that this is probably the peak of his puppy energy crazies, but also, for a Golden, that the puppy phase will last in some form for the next ten years.
  I can't attach photos to this so I'll have to send them separately. Sorry about that. Hope to see you at the reunion.
   Thanks so much,  Barb


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