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Hurricane Preparation

Before the storm:

* Make sure your pets are current on their vaccinations. Have a copy of their   vaccination history printed out- shelters will require this!
* Have a current photo of your pet... after Hurricane Katrina, many people were   separated from their pets and photos were very helpful in finding them.
* Keep a collar on your pet with identification and rabies tag information
* Keep a leash or harness on hand for security
* Have your pet microchipped, if they aren't already. Even when there isn't a storm,   many owners are reunited with their pets using the microchip.
* Have a properly sized pet carrier for each animal- carriers should be big enough   for your pet to stand and turn around.
* Plan your evacuation strategy ahead of time. Discuss each family member's duties   and don't forget your pets!
* Have ample pet food and your pet's medications on hand. Dry food is usually better   as it does not require refrigeration.
* Have bottled water available.

During a storm:

* Bring pets indoors well in advance of the storm...reassure them and remain calm.
* Shelters will be filled on a first come,first served basis- call ahead to determine   availability.
* When the storm passes, walk your pet on a leash for safety... there may be   downed power lines, reptiles brought in by high waters, and broken glass and other   debris.
* If your pet becomes lost, contact the local animal control office to find out where   lost pets can be recovered.

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