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Jack's Story

Jack has found his forever family and life is good!

April 17 update

April 24 update

May 1 update

May 8 update

May 21 update

May 28 update

June 7 update

Jack is a 5 year old male Golden who we found offered for sale on Craig's List. You can see the photo they had of him below. He was cooped up in a dirty, too small cage...always in there and always outside of the house. He had been used for breeding until the female he was bred with died (most likely from having too many litters). After that he was of no use to the family that owned him. So, he was offered up for sale...for $350.

One of our wonderful forever parents who lives in Orlando, Monique, drove over to see him in person and try and rescue him. They would not budge on the amount. What she saw was so awful that she decided she could not leave without him...no matter what the cost. She checked with the rescue and after what she said...we agreed. This dog had to be rescued from that place. She brought cash and they "let him go" for $300. He had no medical records AT ALL!. They gave her a card with a vet's name on it. When we checked, the dog had never been seen by that vet.

Poor Jack was a MESS! His eyes were infected (you can see that in the close up photo that Monique took) His ears were infected. He was matted and filthy. Then he went to the vet to find out that he has Hook worm, Round worm...a few others and SADLY, of course he is Heart worm positive. The eye infection is chronic due to an inverted eyelid (which will need to be surgically corrected. It is a miracle his eyes have not ulcerated from the constant irritation...as he has likely been that way since he was a puppy). Oh and of course, he will need to be neutered. Heart worm treatment is expensive and must be done carefully, or the treatment can kill the dog. Poor Jack has a long road.

Jack sound asleep after a hard day at the vet!!

But we will be with him every step of the way. For those of you who remember Gracie's story , you know we never turn our backs on any dog that we can save! So, NOW YOU UNDERSTAND WHY JACK NEEDS OUR HELP! And because of that...we at Golden Rescue need your help. With the economy in such bad shape, we are getting many dogs with medical issues. Our finances are spread very, very thin. Can you, will you help?

Please click on How To Help on the web site. We now have Pay pal. Any donation you can make for Jack will be so appreciated and so necessary for his recovery. And, once he is on his feet...he will be looking for a forever home where he can forget his past! In spite of everything...he is a good natured, kind, and fun dog. He is already housebroken and learning lots (thank you Monique for fostering him, teaching him and loving him.) He is fine with other dogs. Cats, however, are an issue, right now.

If you would prefer to mail in your donation, here is the address:

Golden Rescue South Florida
c/o Carol Johnson
PO Box 660155
Miami Springs, Fl. 33266

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and for whatever help you can give.

Jack update... April 10

Today is the one week marker of Jack’s rescue and I wanted to give you all an update. Before I go into that, I want to thank all of you who so generously gave to Jack’s fund. We can still use some help. So if you haven't given and are reading this please go to the How To Help page and send in your donations.

So last Friday, April 3 at about 4:30pm I took possession of Jack and took him home with me. In the car he was drooling profusely, had a severe case of diarrhea and was accompanied by a million fleas. Upon arriving home, I gave Jack a shower and scrubbed him as best as I could and then gave him a flea treatment. He was very restless that first night but we managed. Saturday morning, we were off to the Vet to get Jack checked out. After what seemed like a half a day there, we knew what Jack’s problems were. But we now have a plan and we went right into action with treatments and medications. Jack slept a good part of the day on Saturday and ate a little while he was up. He was cooperative and loved the attention showered on him.


Sunday morning, Jack woke up full of energy. And for the first time in his life, he got to run with my two dogs and play in the yard. He loved it. I quickly realized that Jack did not have any social skills with regards to anything. He did not know how to fetch, did not know tug o' war. He was not leash trained. He is afraid of the vacuum cleaner but not the lawn mower. He had never been brushed and he didn't know that furniture does not move so he frequently bumped into things.

But here we are a week later and Jack is doing AWESOME. He is feeling good and it shows. He has learned a lot of the basic skills but there is still so much for him to learn. His ear infection is cleared up.His ears are nice and pink and there is no more foul smell. His eyes are doing better and I would say that the infection is gone for the most part. If we could just get rid of the fur stains around his eyes he would be even more handsome if that is possible. His stools are solid. He eats voraciously and loves getting treats which, at my house are known as cookies. He is for the most part house broken unless I slip off the schedule.

Jack and Spirit playing

Jack has become a very active participant with everyone in the house. He is not fond of cats, but we have worked out a temporary solution which seems to work for everyone. I am not going to impose the cats on Jack as he has enough to deal with. So I have re-arranged my home so the cats are safe and Jack doesn't have to make a big deal over them. Jack continues to improve everyday with simple commands like sit and stay. Occasionally I can get him to give me his paw and shake. He loves going for his walks and gets very excited when the leash comes out. Incidentally, he is doing much better on the leash as well. Jack loves being part of the pack with my two other dogs and it’s pure joy to watch them run around together. So after one week of having found his freedom Jack is doing FANTASTIC. He still has a long way to go. He will have to undergo Heartworm treatment. We are waiting a little while longer so that we are sure he is strong enough to withstand the treatment. Then, once he recovers fully from that treatment…he will need both neutering and eye surgery. I couldn't be happier for Jack.

Again thank you all for your generosity

Jack with buddies Spirit (a GRSF rescue) and Schwebby

Jack update 4/17/2009

Once again, thank you to all of you who gave to the Jack fund. Your help is greatly appreciated as his medical problems will take some time to resolve!
In a nutshell Jack is doing very well. On Tuesday, I took Jack to Fort Pierce in the afternoon to meet Jamie, one of the wonderful Golden Rescue South Florida helpers and I gave her Jack with his travel bag so he could go to the Vet on Wednesday morning to undergo his first heartworm treatment. We started the ride down to Fort Pierce, about 110 miles from my home, in the pouring rain (you have to love those Florida rainstorms). Jack was determined he wanted to drive, pawing at me and licking me to death. I finally got Jack to the back seat and he settled into the ride. I met Jamie and with a heavy heart I handed her Jack’s leash. I knew he was going to be in good hands but the “big log” has really grown on me.

Jack went in as scheduled for part one of the heartworm treatment and I’ve gotten reports that he is doing well. They have him contained in a small area since it’s critical that he not move around much for the first few days so that no clots can form which would put Jack in a heap of trouble. At this time, Jack will remain at the Vet until Monday where he will be closely monitored and then will come back to my home in Orlando. The next treatment will be in 30 days and this will give Jack a clean bill of health as far as heartworm goes.

Stay tuned Jack fans, I will keep you posted as we move forward.

April 24, 2009

So another week has gone by and Jack continues to do very well. I just picked him up last Monday from his first heartworm treatment. I again drove down to Fort Pierce and met Jamie who had taken Jack from me six days earlier to take him for treatment. I was so looking forward to seeing Jack again and apparently he looked forward to seeing me. I pulled up to the meeting spot and got out of my car and said “Hey Jack” and he just came running at me, threw himself on the ground with all four in the air, and we had a belly scratching session right there in the parking lot.

I got my instructions and medication from Jamie and then got Jack in the car and we were off to Orlando. All the way, Jack was in the back seat but had his head on my right shoulder and if you could get past the drooling and panting, it was a beautiful thing. We had a great reunion with Spirit and Schwebby, my two dogs. All three seem to be happy to see each other again, and it went really well.

The trick this week is to keep Jack calm. Not an easy feat since Jack is a very, very happy dog. I have designated a room in my house as the Jack room. It’s a good size room with lots of windows, not much furniture and plenty of room for Jack to stretch out. Since Jack is on limited activity per the Vet’s order, I have a schedule for him which is pretty much 3 hours on his own in the room and 3 hours with everyone else and I alternate throughout the day. It’s working so far because every time he goes to his room he takes a long nap. I let Jack out with Spirit but for only 10 or 15 minutes at a time because I don’t want him to over do it and, with Spirit…well she has no sense of limits, it’s play, play, play till your drop. I also take Jack on a 15 minute walk up and down the block just for a little practice on the leash and get him out of the house for a bit. He is on two 100 mg doses of doxycycline every day and there is no issue with him taking the medication, but I do cheat and hide the pill in a piece of cheese or turkey. Yes I do spoil Jack!

In three weeks Jack has overcome so much- we have cleared his ear infections, his eye infections, cleared the hook, round and whip worms, cleared the infection on his nose, and had round one of heartworm treatment but there are still 3 big hurdles ahead. He needs the second round of heartworm treatment next month, he needs the corrective eye surgery and he needs to be neutered. We still have work to do get Jack ready for his “forever home” but we are getting there and couldn’t have done it without your generous contributions, so again, THANK YOU, all who donated to the Jack fund. Things are going well for Jack and life is million times better then it use to be!

So he says!

Jack in his special room

May 1

Once again I’m pleased to report that Jack continues to do very well. He has adjusted well to his new schedule, where he spends 3 hours in his room resting and then 3 hours with everyone else, alternating throughout the day. I have noticed that he seems to have some pent up energy but I’m still cautious with him to not let him over do it as it was only 2 short weeks ago that he had his first heartworm treatment.

I got Jack a new collection of toys which he loves to take with him everywhere he goes. Every time we go out in the yard, he takes one out with him. The current favorite is a yellow plastic bone shape toy which squeaks. Being a pretty good size dog, it is funny to watch as he moves along emitting little squeak noises from the toy. He is behaving more and more like a dog everyday and that is so nice to see.

We are awaiting confirmation of his second appointment for part two of his heartworm treatment, which should be around May15. In the mean time, I will continue to socialize Jack and teach him the basics. He has made great progress and I am so happy with how far Jack has come in the short month since his rescue. Healthwise, he is almost there.. happiness wise, he is over the top, and behavior wise- he is a work in progress!

Jack with Spirit and Jack smiling

May 8 update

Jack had a minor set back this past week. His chronic eye condition has flared up again and the infection in his eyes has returned. It certainly doesn’t seem to have slowed him down much, he is still as eager to please as always. I had a tiny little bit of the original medication left over from when I first treated Jack immediately after his rescue, I managed to squeeze a few doses and I put those drops in his eyes for four days in a row in the morning and at night I used a mild eye moisturizer to keep his eyes moisturized. Looking at him today it seems like it may have done the trick his eyes are clear but I will continue to moisturize his eyes until we are able to get the corrective eye surgery done.

I spoke with Jamie, from the Rescue and Jack is scheduled for heartworm treatment 2 and 3 at the end of this week. Once he has recuperated from that hopefully next week around May 19, they will proceed with his eye surgery, neutering and laser treatment for his nose. So some big stuff coming up for Jack but after next week, it’s a walk in the park for him. We will have addressed all the health issues and Jack will only need to recuperate and will be ready to find the best “forever home” ever. Jack will have come such a long way and with our help, will have won every battle he faced five weeks ago. This is one of life’s small victories that I will never forget.

There are so many people to thank for Jack’s recovery. First and foremost all the people (and there were too many to list here) who donated to the Jack fund. The unending support of the Rescue, namely Lisa who supported me thru the fostering process, Jamie who took Jack to the Rescue Vet for treatments, the two vets, Dr K my vet, who originally saw Jack when he was rescued and the Rescue’s Vet Dr. Gail who treated Jack for heartworm and who will perform the surgeries on Jack. Additionally, all the clinic staffs who cared for Jack while he was in treatment. My dog sitter and friend Tommy, who came with me when I rescued Jack and who continued to give support when I was injured, (he showed up everyday to walk Jack and my two dogs and assisted me with medicating Jack). Then there are the neighbors and friends who stopped by with dog food, toys and treats and inquired about how Jack was doing. There are also countless people who sent emails asking about Jack. Last but not least my two dogs, Schwebby and Spirit who have been so accepting of a new dog and for teaching Jack in their own way, how to be a dog. To all of you, Jack and I say THANK YOU!

This past week, Jack has finally made the connection of when I ask him to shake (giving me his paw) and when he does, he gets a treat. Jack decided to take it one step further, he now comes to me when he wants a treat and offers his paw for a shake. Try and guess how many times a day Jack is offering me his paw? He’s turned the whole process around. What a smart boy he is! He has also discovered where the gate is in the fence in the back yard and he will go over and nudge it with his nose. That’s usually an indication that he wants a walk. He is no more amazing then the next dog (well in some ways he is) but he certainly is finding ways of letting me know what he wants. I think that’s great! It will truly be bittersweet to let Jack go to his forever home in the next few weeks. He is such a great dog and this has been such a rewarding experience for me- to take Jack, from the awful neglect situation he was in and bring him all the way to being a healthy, vibrant and happy dog.

The “forever family” Jack goes to will be blessed to have him. A little love and attention and Jack will return it 10 folds to you in loyalty. Jack will also make you smile and provide laughs with his “goofy ways”. Visit the adoption page frequently because Jack will be listed there in a few weeks and he won’t last long- I just know it. Of course there are other very nice dogs looking for homes there and one may catch your eye. You never know… It’s time for Jack’s morning walk! We have another big week coming up with treatments and surgery. Keep Jack in your thoughts and prayers that all goes well. I will do my best to keep you updated on my end!


May 21 Update

Jack has made it back to Orlando today! He is still in one piece but it was a very hard week on the boy. He had heartworm treatments 2 and 3 and came thru that with flying colors. Just yesterday he had his corrective eye surgery and was neutered. OUCH! but today we got the word that Jack was cleared to come back to Orlando. I drove to Stuart and met Jamie and after a great lunch, we went and got Jack.

I honestly didn't know what to expect but to me, Jack looks like he'd been in a bar brawl. Jamie says he had an eye lift comestic surgery. Either way, he's been through a lot. While both surgeries went really well and Jack bounced back like a champ, the Vet did tell Jamie that the inverted eye lid was more pronounced then expected. So it sounds like we weren't one minute to soon with that one.

Before leaving the Vet's office, Jamie requested a pill for Jack to help him relax on the long drive home. Jack had no intention of relaxing and for 3 hours he was up, he was down, he was whining, he was barking, he was fighting me, trying to get to the front seat and never slept a wink. To add to all of this, I drove 3 hours in the pouring rain. Needless to say I was thrilled to get home. Schwebby and Spirit welcomed him back with open paws and lots of barking. I'm sure they were asking Jack, "what happened to you" and I'm sure Jack told them they did not want to hear about it!

Being the trooper he always is Jack was most cooperative with having his eyes cleaned and medicated. He just sat patiently while I did it for him. At dinner he was so hungry, he couldn't even wait for his cone to come off and he found a way to eat with it so I just let him chow with the cone around his neck. He reminds me of a daisy in full bloom with the collar. So Jack is back and doing fine. I want the next 10 days to fly by so we can get the collar off but doctor's orders are doctor's orders! I'll take him in to my vet for a check next week and we will go from there. Jack is alive and well, just doesn't look good right now but just think how much better he will be once he is healed!

May 28 update

Jack has now had all his surgeries. He is slowly on the mend. He will need a little more time before he can become available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting Jack. Please call Lisa @ 561 776-0857

June 7 update

This is a day I’ve been looking forward too for a long time! Today is the day I get to tell you that Jack has finally overcome all of his health issues. On his last Vet check up, on Friday, he was released from medical care. Yes! we did it, we turned Jack into a healthy dog! One would think that this is the end of the story but not yet, there is still some work to be done with Jack.

We have decided that Jack will stay with me for a while longer while we pursue his previous owner in court. I feel very strongly that she must be made accountable for her treatment of Jack while he was caged in her yard. I am waiting for the last of the paperwork to come in and I will be filing. In the meantime I will take advantage of my time with Jack and try to fine tune his behavior. Jack is by no means a bad dog, he just gets easily excited and can become a handful.

Jack needs to tone down "the happy" one notch and add consistency in his response to commands. If Jack minds me sixty percent of the time now, I want him to bring this up to eighty percent of the time. The other twenty percent he can be Jack in all his glory! Thank you all again for your generous contributions, your thoughtful emails, your words of encouragement! All of our efforts put together have given us a brand new Jack. While it's hard to put ourselves in Jack's head, I think on some level he knows that all the intrusive medical treatments and surgeries were for his own good. Not once did Jack give up on the human race- he remained sweet and loving. Thru all of the treatments Jack trusted us with his care and got better one day at a time and today he is free, healthy and happy.

Soon we need to find that special family who will love and care for Jack forever! Below is a picture of Jack and Spirit, in my hallway which I refer to as “Dog Alley”-- they just line up and sleep once they come home from their walk. They got a good work out this morning and in a matter of minutes will be off to dream land. Congratulations to Jack on being a healthy dog!

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