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Meagan has had another birthday and again is donating her gifts to GRSF....

Meagen Kuehn celebrated her 11th birthday...with the same generosity and kindness that she had for her 9th birthday. She asked her friends to make a donation to GRSF in lieu of gifts for her. The Kuehn's are wonderful friends of the Rescue. Here is Meagen and the dog they adopted from us, Ella. 
Meagen thank you AGAIN for your generosity. When you become a vet....hope you will be the "official" Rescue vet!

Meagan and Ella

Thank you Meagan!!!


Meagan's Birthday Gift- 2010

Meagan and her Mom Laura, Dad Jim and brother Matthew have been wonderful friends of the rescue for years. They adopted their amazing little Golden Ella from us and have gone on to be a wonderful foster family as well. So, generosity and kindness definitely "run in the family". But when Lisa got the call saying that Meagan decided to give up birthday gifts at her party so that her guests could make a donation to us instead...well, Lisa cried! That kind of generosity, especially from an 8 year old....just makes our hearts smile. The whole family came to The Big Dog Ranch to present us with a check and some dog food...all donated.

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the invitation to her party.....

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Meagan at Big Dog Ranch, surrounded by Goldens!

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