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Missy's Story

Missy was found running near the Turnpike with no identification. Every one tried to find her owner...but no one ever came looking for her. Missy has some serious health issues. First she is probably 30 lbs underweight. But the really serious problem is her hips. Most hip sockets are cupped or C shaped...Missy's are "L" shaped. There is no room for a round hip joint to fit in. As a result her hip joints are not anywhere near the sockets. She gets around really well, but it is hard work and painful and difficult for her to sit. Mostly,she lies down .


She is young and energetic and incredibly sweet and beautiful but definitely hampered. The rescue is, of course, going to get her to an orthopedic surgeon to see what can be done. AND, we will, of course pay for her surgery (many thousands of dollars), because, (with so many wonderful people helping! ) that is "what we do!" Before we can consider surgery, she will have to gain some weight and get some strength. We will let you know how she is doing with updates.

Bad hips can be seen here

Missy is being fostered in a wonderful home with people who really care for her. She is house broken and gets along with dogs and kids. She is as sweet as can be. Her foster parents are teaching her commands and she is learning quickly. Her foster Mom tempts her with all kinds of home made food mixed in with her dry food in order to increase her weight. Her surgery will be expensive but she is worth the effort- a very sweet young dog who just wants a chance to live a comfortable life with a family who love her!

Update May 28

Missy is in her foster to become her forever home. This the most wonderful, loving and patient family one can imagine. Not only does Missy have her very severe hip issues...but she has many odd stomach issues. Mostly, she cannot seem to keep food down. Try and imagine living with a dog that throws up all the time. And yet, they keep working with her and loving her. The vet is trying to understand why she has this issue. As you can well imagine, many thousands of dollars are being spent. We are all hopeful that we can help her keep food down....AND THEN focus on her hips.More to come.....

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